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In-Depth Look at Azure Bicep Syntax

In-Depth Look at Azure Bicep Syntax

If you have not checked out my other series, “Getting Started with Bicep” then I would highly suggest starting there so you can familiarize yourself with Azure Bicep including some basic syntax and how to write your first template. This article will walk you through more advanced syntax topics including output variables, loops and more!


Comments in code help you or others figure out what something may do or why it’s there in the first place. While it does not replace full documentation, it is a great way to get a picture of what your code does.

Single Line Comment

You can comment a single line of bicep code by adding ‘//’ to it. In the example below you can see my comment added to the tagging resource that we will go over next!

Multi-line Comments

Instead of adding ‘//’ to every line you want to comment … Continue...