PowerShell Function to Connect to All Office 365 Services With Support for MFA

PowerShell Function to Connect to All Office 365 Services With Support for MFA

I usually have to connect to Office 365 via PowerShell at least once per day. I had the following function stored in my PowerShell Profile:

This allowed me to just open PowerShell and type Connect-O365 to connect to Office 365 instead of looking up the Session information and all of the cmdlets needed. One of the issues I faced was the lack of multi-factor authentication support. To connect to Exchange Online or Security and Compliance Center using multi-factor authentication you must use another module that is found in your tenant. Also, when you install this module it gets buried in your local app data folder.

So I decided to just re-do the entire function, allowing it to connect to the following Office 365 services:

  • Exchange Online
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint Online
  • Security and Compliance Center
  • Azure AD v2
  • Azure AD v1 (MSOnline)
  • Microsoft Teams

By calling the MFA switch we can also connect to all of the above services while utilizing multi-factor authentication. The function also allows us to connect to multiple services at once by calling the parameter. If I wanted to connect to Azure AD v1 (MSOnline), Exchange Online and Teams without using multi-factor authentication I can type:

If I wanted to use multi-factor authentication I could type:

Enter your verification code in the Exchange Online Remote PowerShell window
Prompted for MFA Token


The following modules are used and will be needed if you plan on connecting to the relevant Office 365 service. You do not need to have every module installed if you are not going to connect to its service.


  1. EXOPSSession (Only needed if you use multi-factor authentication)

Skype for Business

  1. SkypeOnlineConnector


  1. Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

Security and Compliance Center

  1. EXOPSSession (Only needed if you use multi-factor authentication)

Azure AD V2

  1. AzureAD

Azure AD V1 (MSOnline)

  1. MSOnline

Microsoft Teams

  1. MicrosoftTeams


Credential Pass Through

If you do not utilize multi-factor authentication then you will only be prompted once for credentials. The function will store the credential object in a variable and pass it to each service you connect to. This allows you to connect to multiple services without having to enter in your credentials for each individual one. Due to how multi-factor authentication works in regards to the token, this is not possible if you use MFA.

Auto Import MFA Module

As I mentioned earlier the Exchange MFA module hides itself deep inside your Local App Data folder. The function will parse your app data folder and find the full path to the module and then load it into memory.

Once we store the path in a variable we can dot source the script to import the module

Service Connection Status

The host title bar will append which services you are connected to. It will do a quick connection verification prior to appending the title bar text. If unable to connect it will not appear in the title bar.





5 thoughts on “PowerShell Function to Connect to All Office 365 Services With Support for MFA

  1. The page you link to for the Skype Online Connector module says that the module has been de-listed. Looking at MS docs, it appears that the powershell module for skype online which is currently recommended is this one:

    I’m not sure if this is simply a newer version with an updated name, or if they are significantly different.

    Is there a reason you went with the de-listed module over the current module?

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