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Connect and Navigate the Microsoft Graph API with PowerShell

Connect and Navigate the Microsoft Graph API with PowerShell

Graph is Microsoft’s RESTful API that allows you to interface directly with Azure AD, Office 365, Intune, SharePoint, Teams, OneNote, and a whole lot more. By using the Invoke-RestMethod PowerShell cmdlet we can connect and interact directly with the Graph API. The Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet sends HTTP and HTTPS requests to Representational State Transfer (REST) web services that returns richly structured data. PowerShell formats the response based on the data type. For an RSS or ATOM feed, PowerShell returns the Item or Entry XML nodes. For JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or XML, PowerShell converts (or deserializes) the content into objects.1 In this article, I will walk you through setting up the Azure Application, assigning proper  permissions, Authentication and finally running queries against the Graph API. Once you understand how to properly authenticate and format queries you will see how powerful Graph can be for you and your organization.

1. Application

Configure and Deploy Intune MDM

Configure and Deploy Intune MDM


In this article I will be configuring and deploying Intune as a stand-alone MDM solution. This article will walk you through deploying applications to devices, configuring your Company Portal, enrolling end user devices, creating policies and more.


Configure MDM Authority

  1. First we must configure Intune as my MDM authority. Since I am doing a stand alone I want Intune as the only authority and not Configuration Manager. By logging into I can expand the Itune node and select “Device Enrollment”
  2. Select  “Intune MDM Authority” and then click “Choose”
  3. I will get a notification that my changes were saved successfully

Configure APN Certificate

To manage iOS devices you must have an Apple Push certificate.

  1. In the Intune blade we want to go to Device Enrollment and then Apple Enrollment and select “Apple MDM Push Certificate”
  2. Agree to the terms in step 1 and then download the CSR
  3. It